#ModelCouple @ctinasaurusrex and @xzackxattackx

    She ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.

    Chillin’ in da crib wif ma boy @the_boy_george #WCW

    These update pictures of Lil Winston are KILLING ME.

    I woke her up and she’s mad as shit. #RamonaBaby


    Say hello to the newest soon-to-be Woodruff. We can’t seem to think of a name, any ideas?

    Messing with sleepy Christine is like, my 4th favorite thing to do.

    "Why you kickin’ me in the nuts bruh, like turn down horse ass nigga damn." #HorseBruh

    #DatAnke #BaeCaughtMeSlippin

    Homegirl struttin’.

    #tbt Prom Night!

    Ramona, stop pondering. It isn’t healthy. #wcw

    Christine and I made cupcakes. Guess which color was mine?